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Theme Installation

Theme installation

The installing is easy and quick. Shopify support auto installation with a single click. Only need select theme package and wait a min, then publish and customize the Theme.

Requirements before setup

  • After purchase and download the theme package from, you will have downloaded package.
  • Extract/unzip the downloaded package file.
  • You will have the folder SP_KalaBundle_v6.3.10. Enter this folder you will see:

    • Documentation folder: it's me!
    • Theme Package folder: contains 1 theme package (all-in-one) look like
    • changelog.txt file: listing all change note.
    • README.txt file: some guide to use theme.

One-click Installation

  • From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes
  • On the Themes page, will display all Shopify themes that installed.
  • In Theme library section, click to Add theme button, then select Upload zip file
  • In the Upload theme popup, click to Add file button
  • Browser to the downloaded theme package and select it.
  • Click to Upload button, Shopify will auto upload and install the package. Screenshot
  • When the loading icon stop, that meant the Installation completed. Click to the Actions link and select Publish Screenshot
  • The Publish Build popup will appear, then click to Publish
  • The theme will appear in the Current theme as live theme of your site.

Video Installation


Installation take error

After select theme package and click Upload button, it show the error message: zip does not contain a valid theme: missing template "layout/theme.liquid", missing template "templates/index.liquid", missing template "templates/collection.liquid", missing template "templates/product.liquid", missing template "templates/page.liquid", missing template "templates/cart.liquid", and missing template "templates/blog.liquid"

That meant you don't extract the downloaded package. Try read again the guide Requirements before setup

The "Upload theme" button disabled

Error like Screenshot , can not click to upload and install the theme.

Shopify limit install 20 themes into the site. You will also see the notification in the top of page.