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Admin Theme Page

Overview Theme page

From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes. Here is area that you can control the theme style.

Theme page have 2 areas:

  • Live theme: display the Publish Theme.

  • Theme Library: listing all draft themes. New theme install will appear here.


In each theme, we will have these functions:

Customize (Theme Editor)

It's the Theme editor. The theme editor includes a theme preview and a toolbar that you can use to add and remove content, and to make changes to your settings.


  • A new UI for the Customize - Theme Editor (updated July 2021), there is 2 important area:

    • The Sections listing is where you can control all sections of viewing page , as well as add and move content. Changes made here will only impact the particular section being worked on. More detail here.

    • The Theme settings tab is where you’ll be able to make global changes to your store or sections, including text and background color changes, typography selection, and more.


View front-end display

For the Publish Theme, you can click to the text Screenshot in the top left of the Page.

Click to Actions button > View


Rename theme package

The function use to change the theme package name.

Click to Actions button > Rename


Duplicate theme package

The function use to duplicate the theme package. This function is helful when you need backup the theme package.

Click to Actions button > Duplicate


Download theme file

The function use to download the theme package.

  1. Click to Actions button > Download theme file


  1. The package download will sent to the Owner email of the Shop.

  2. Go to email box, open mail and click to download link theme.

Edit code

The function use to edit the theme source. To do here, you need coding experience such as using SCSS, liquid, JS,...

Click to Actions button > Edit code


Edit languages

The theme package will only include English as main language. To translate the site to other language, you need Translate Editor function.

  1. Click to Actions button > Edit languages


  2. Click to Change theme language to add new Language field.


  3. In Change theme language popup, select the Language then Save


  4. Input the text translate and Save